Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Potholder Extravaganza 2010

If you are related to me, friends with me, and/or worked with me or my children in some capacity this year, well, I hope you've got some pots that need holding.

Because chances are you got a couple of these from me.

It's like, you decide to make potholders for a few people. Quick and easy gift, right? Then you proceed to make the design needlessly time-consuming. (String blocks. Seriously.) And then you think of a few more people to add to the list. And before you know it, you're making a whole army of the things and you're seeing potholders in your sleep.

This pair is definitely my favorite. These went to my sister-in-law. She's a veterinarian. Even though she probably doesn't take care of a lot of 10-cent goldfish, I thought she'd appreciate this print.

I used the easy wavy-line quilting that has made several appearances in blogland recently. Just use your machine's wavy decorative stitch, set at the highest width/length possible. You move the quilt straight, the machine does the wavy action. What a great way to quilt something! So easy, and I love how it looks! I think you'll be seeing more of this from me, the original FMQ-phobe. I also need to inspect the rest of my decorative stitches (because I've got a lot of them, the vast majority of which have never been used). I wonder if there's more quilting possibilities there.

Happy Tuesday. Now go get something hot out of the oven.


Elizabeth D. said...

Cool! I really love that stitch you used, I'll have to add that to the list of things to find on Betsy 2.0. Awesome, awesome potholders! Did you use Insul-Bright or something else for batting?

Becky said...

These look great! you've been sewing like a sweatshop! I love the wavy stitch. There are so many possibilities with the decorative stitches. I'm always scared to use them after spending so much time piecing the item to be stitched. Maybe a goal for 2011...try new quilting techniques!

Megan said...

Love, Love, LOVE!!!! I have pots that need holding :) Just kidding! These are awesome! I have used that stitch once on a twin size quilt, I think after seeing these I am going to have to pull that one out more often.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Pot holders are always needed. I haven't seen that wavy quilting yet. I love it. Now if I had some other machine than a mechanical with 2 kinds of stitches!!

Lindsay Conner said...

These look great! Love the Heather Ross fishes and all the bright colors... http://www.lindsaysews.com

traceyjay said...

they're cute! what great little gifts. :)

live a colorful life said...

Very cute potholders. Hey, maybe by next year we're "know" each other very well and I'll have some pots you want to take care of. :)

Georgia said...

I think they're fabulous! I must try that wiggly quilting - it looks so good!

A.J. Dub. said...

Lee! You rock! These are so great!

corinne said...

The pot holders are great. I plan on making pot holders, placemats and table runners this year for family. I love your version of potholders, thank you

Heidi said...

Great idea on the decorative stitch. Feeling like a dummy that I have never "thought" of my sewing machine that way...being a FMQ a-phobe my self. (I have only done it a few times on SMALL quilts!)

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