Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday Link-Up

Before I get to WIP Wednesday, welcome to the new followers I've gained thanks to my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day post! I didn't even have to bribe you all with extra chances to win! You guys rock! : )

Anyway, I like to do this weekly linky called WIP Wednesday. This is where you get to show off the half-dones, the almost-theres, or even the projects that only exist in your own head. Personally, I like to list all of my WIPs, because I'm OCD like that. It helps me keep track of my progress and feel like I've actually accomplished something. Also, when I'm feeling scattered (Scattered? Who, me?), I can look at my list and know exactly what to focus on. But if you don't want to list all your WIPs, you can pick one or two projects to highlight. It's your call. And your WIPs don't have to be quilts, any sewing project is fair game.

The only rules are: 1) Please link back to my blog in your WIP Wednesday post. Make it easy on yourself and grab the button in my sidebar. Put it in your own sidebar, and you won't have to remember every week! 2) Please comment on at least one or two of the other links.

Got it? Okay, what are you waiting for? Join in and link up!

Ongoing Projects:

Scrappy Mystery Gifts, times 12
My gifty assembly line has been banging 'em out this week. Admittedly, I've only completed 7 out of 12 of these little items. My goal was to have 10 of 12 done by now. But it's not like I've just been sitting around reading crazy-hilarious giveaway comments (well, okay, I've been doing a little of that). So I'm okay with my progress here.

Quilt-along quilts
My Urban Lattice and That Girl quilt-along quilts are getting really sad and lonely. I've promised I will pay more attention to them next week. Hopefully they won't start acting out and smoking cigarettes in the mall parking lot while I'm busy lavishing attention on their cute, scrappy younger siblings up there.

Miscellaneous Other
Four different versions of family photo calendars for various relatives: Check. Christmas shopping: Check. Christmas cards: Totally almost checked. Top-to-bottom reorganization of sewing room (great timing, right?): Check. More on my new and improved sewing space tomorrow.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Hope Valley quilt
Modern Meadow Baby Quilt
Fall Equinox (Fat Quarterly quilt-along quilt)

Still didn't do anything with these:
Yeah, let's not even go there. You know it's the same as last week.

his week's stats:
New projects - 0
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress - 8 (same as last week)


Jessica said...

Your WIP post is really comprehensive, I need to work out what I am up too....too many projects and not enough time to even write about them!

Elizabeth D. said...

Seriously, your giveaway entries are hilarious! That was a fantastic idea, your husband's totally got his work cut out for him. :)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

good this post...especially WIP

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Call me Betsy....way too busy nice...

Becky said...

Yay, fun linky party. I love that you list all your wip's. I think I'm going to incorporate that. No need to neglect the projects that are still in the planning stage right?

Melanie said...

Can't wait to see your finished projects!

Diane said...

Your piles for the mystery projets just get more and more interesting.... love the fabrics showing up there!

felicity said...

I find these link ups really helpful in keeping me on track with my WIPs! My link will come later when I get home and I'm able to download my photo, which I have to take on my work desk because I'm not home during daylight hours these days!!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Hello! I goofed again. Lee - Can you delete my first link? (I cannot.) It links to my blog in general. My second link goes to my WIP Wednesday post specifically.

Thank you!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I've seen other participate in this linky for weeks now and am finally jumping in -- starting fresh with only 1 work in progress now... don't worry the short list of one won't last for long. This will be nice way for me to keep track of my projects! Thanks for hosting!

Merry Made Quilts said...

So fun!! And such a great idea! I'll try to get one ready for next week!! And such a catchy title ;) Sorry about the toes ;) I'll take care of it right away!!

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