Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bloom Pillow

First finish of 2011! And it's only January 6? That's crazy talk. But it's true. Well, okay, it's just a pillow. But still! January 6!

My little pink practice Dresden block for the {Sew} Beautiful Bee turned into this happy flower pillow for Miss E.'s room. Per Cherie's instructions, I made the original pink Dresden using this tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman on Sew Mama Sew. The only difference is that we are using the Fat Cats ruler instead of the Easy Dresden ruler, which is recommended in the tutorial. The Fat Cats wedge ruler makes a Dresden with 12 petals instead of 20.

After making the pink Dresden, I made a second Dresden in green (with wedges a half-inch larger than the original), and doubled them up, offsetting them so that the green petal points were between the pink ones.

Then I top-stitched around the edges of the Dresdens, and attached both of them to the background so that the ends of the petals weren't sewn down. It gives it a little texture and dimension that I like. (I quilted the white background with wavy-line quilting before attaching the flower.)

Miss E. loves it! I've been meaning to make her a throw pillow or two for ages. Thanks, Cherie, for finally making it happen! Miss E. thanks you, too. : )

And, I'm joining the Bloggers' Pillow Party at Stitched In Color! This pillow is my January entry. Head over to Rachel's blog to see lots more pillowy goodness.

Edited to add:
I'm also linking up with Sew Fabulous Friday at a Girl In Paradise!


  1. OOOoooo love, Love, LOVE it! Wonderful pillow! That wavy line quilting is just awesome!

  2. That is FABULOUS! I love it. What a great idea.

  3. This is so cute! I love the way the petals aren't sewn down completely. Very unique!

  4. I love the addition of the leaves! So cute.

  5. This is adorable!! I love that we all have a nice practice block to play with! :)

  6. Super cute!! I love those wavy lines you quilted with, they look so great with this pillow :)

  7. I love the off-set Dresden behind the pink one. It is really a great and unique idea.

  8. Your Dresden is super great! I'm in love with dresdens. AND I'm really excited that you posted about the fat cat ruler!! It gives the Dresden a wonderful new look. I'm heading over to order one right now!! Great post...I'm so happy I found your blog from going to AmyLouWho's Friday Finishes. Sweet!

  9. I LOVE this pillow! And I love the Dresden plate. I have never tried making one, but might have to now! I will go in search of the fat cat ruler !

  10. Pink and green? I'm bought :))) And the floating petals? Wonderfull! Beautifull pillow!

  11. What a great pillow. It looks so fluffy and girly. Wonderful job!

  12. I love the way you layered the Dresden Plate and the girly side of me loves the pink and green.

    Thanks for linking up to Sew Fabulous Friday! I can't wait to see you you come up with next.

  13. lovely! Great colours and I love the way you've put it together.

  14. Awesome! I double up my left over dresdens back to back like that to make hotplates for my mom. : ) I like the way the alternate petals stick out. : )

  15. Still love! :) Thanks for linking up! Happy {Sew} Modern Monday!

  16. Very beautiful! I want to make a dresden block sometime soon! Love the pillow!


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