Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I was tagged yesterday by Flo of Butterfly Quilting as one of her nominees for the Liebster Award. I'm sure some of you have seen (and maybe even received) this award. It's for us "little guys"—blogs with fewer than 300 followers.

What a great idea. There are so many blogs I read that I think deserve more attention, so I'm happy to nominate a few myself:

Don't Call Me Betsy. Elizabeth is funny, creative, and just a little bit obsessive, so you know she makes a fabulous quilt blogger. : ) She always has amazing projects in the works.
From the Blue Chair. Kati makes incredible quilts, and lot of them–with three kids ages 3 and under at home. Wow!
Sewn by Leila. Amazing modern quilts, with some great sewing tips thrown in.
The Girl Who Quilts. Love her work, and she's doing a giveaway right now!

So go check out all these fabulous ladies. And thank you, Flo, for naming me as one of your fave blogs to read. I'm just a mom who sews obsessively while my kids are either napping or at school. The fact that anybody finds that remotely interesting just makes my day. : )


Elizabeth D. said...

Awww, thanks! You're so sweet! And of course we find you more than remotely interesting :)

Leila said...

Oh! That means a lot! I love this quilt blog community and I am always glad when you pop up at the top of my blog roll. :)

QuiltyGirl said...

What a fun award! I'd never heard of this before.
Thanks so much for adding me to the list! You made my day. :)

Jennifer said...

How fun! I enjoy reading each one of the blogs you listed. And yeah, I still find it funny {& cool} that people eagerly read about quilting, fabric and sewing.

Jennifer :)

Kristie said...

These ARE all great blogs- yours, too! :-)

Wandering Minstrel said...

Hooray, what wonderful links! :)

Susan said...

Love the first three (along with yours) - the fourth was new to me! Thank you!

Emalee said...

Congratulations, Lee. Your blog deserves this award.

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