Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Bee Blocks

Do. Good Stitches: Rachel asked for wonky stars in pinks, reds, and whites. Knowing my tendency to under-wonk, I set out to purposely overdo the wonk here. However much my instincts told me to wonk, I doubled that. And you know what? It worked like a charm! I'm finally happy with my wonkiness. And how much do you love that red background?

I based my second Do. Good Stitches block on this one from Flickr.

{Sew} Beautiful: Emily asked for drunk love blocks on the other end of the spectrum, with no intentional wonkiness. So, mission accomplished: All wonkiness seen above was most certainly not intentional. : )

And finally, this isn't really a bee block, but Jenny of Cut. Sew. Iron. Repeat recently put out a call for cross blocks to be included in a quilt for an AIDS fundraiser. Since I had my red fabric out for my Do. Good Stitches block, I whipped up one for that project as well.


  1. oh! thank you so much for helping out! your block looks fabulous! all of them actually!!

  2. I loved the "no intentional wonkiness" instruction too. :) Even on my best days, there's still a little wonkiness!

  3. LOL...you guys....what a cheerful bunch..you know that is what makes this so much fun.....nice to know you....each and every one....

  4. I think maybe you broke through your wonking block - those wonky stars blocks look fantastic! Your block for Emily turned out really awesome as well, I can tell any random wonkiness was fully unintentional - I loved that part of Emily's instructions, too. :)

  5. Nice wonk! And I agree on the red background with the pink stars - very cool!!

  6. these are gorgeous...i really love the multiple stars in the one pink block

  7. Awesome blocks! I love that you guys appreciated that. No worries either way! :) I'm so excited to see those drunk love blocks popping up! :)

  8. Your wonky star is perfect. The red does look fantastic.

  9. Hi Lee! Great 'wonk' happenin' there! ; )


  10. Great blocks! I really like your stars!

  11. Love your blocks, they turned out fab! I'm afraid I'm pretty wonky at the best of times!

  12. they're gorgeous... those pink stars really *shine*. :)

  13. Your blocks look great! I am hoping to get to Emily's block tonight, somehow that one slipped by me this month! :)


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