Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Flickr Finds - Supernova Edition

I have so enjoyed seeing all of your Supernova blocks popping up in the quilt-along's Flickr group, so I thought this would be the perfect time to bring back Friday Flickr Finds and feature just a few of your wonderful creations. I love the unique twists you all have been giving to your Supernova quilts and I wish I could show off every single one of them here!

Supernova Top
By Lindsay of Linz Sews. I love how her color choices make some blocks pop and others recede. I also like the different-colored piecing in the borders.

top all pieced.... waitign on borders
By Becky of Becky's Blabber. Becky chose to do all her diagonal lines in cool tones and and horizontal/verticals in warm tones. It changes the design to more of a lattice look—so cool!

Supernova Progress
By Lobster Grrl. Love the sophisticated colors here.

By Shahann. Such an unexpected color combination and great prints! This one really pops.

Supernova Blocks--finished!
By Katie of Katie's Korner. Her Central Park prints give these Supernova blocks a delicate, almost lacy look.

Supernova Quilt Along possible layout
By Julie of Distant Pickles. I adore this one—it's almost kaleidoscopic or psychedelic or something! This is an example of making larger-scale, colorful prints work well in this design.

Supernova blocks, all assembled
By Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy. Another one that uses larger scale, colorful prints to great effect. Love those egg prints!

Sunny Supernova
By Meghan of Purl and Piece. I love the subtle, yet fresh and summery color palette here. And she's working a great mix of patterns and solids here.

It's not too late to join the Supernova Quilt-Along! In fact, it will never be too late: This is a join-any-time and work-at-your-own-pace kind of deal. (But don't forget that anyone who links up a finished quilt by May 12 will be entered into a giveaway for a FQ bundle of Castle Peeps!) Thank you, everyone, for quilting along with me!


  1. These are all beautiful! I'm convinced that you have created one of those fabulous patterns that will look great in any fabric! thanks for sharing it with us Lee!

  2. I love each one! I'm amazed at how wonderfully this pattern works with all kinds of fabric.

  3. They are really beautiful and I REALLY like the one with the Tula Pink material, which I have a bunch of....might have to break down and make one because I like the pattern.

  4. They're so different! How fun to see them in varying schemes. Thanks for sharing them over here. :)

  5. Neat pattern and beautiful quilts made from it.

  6. Wow wow wow! Each of these quilt tops is so beautiful and inspirational!!

  7. Well, that was a treat!! Thanks for putting mine up there!! They are all so fantastic!! I have loved every single supernova that I've seen!!

  8. Aw... You're so sweet! I love seeing all of the different variations!! Thanks for bringing them all together!!

  9. Wonderful, beautiful quilt tops!
    This is on my to do list....great pattern!

  10. im linz sister i love all of these tops i love how differnt color choices can make the same patteern look so different theyy are all beautiful

  11. I love how each of these fabric choices makes this quilt a little bit different!!! Thank you for sharing this pattern with all of us, I have so thoroughly enjoyed this quilt along :)

  12. Thanks for sharing these. It's great to see so many different interpretations!

  13. It must be so fun for you to see your design popping up in so many different fabrics! I love them all, but I have to say Shahann's is my favorite. So bold and unexpected!

  14. I totally agree with Becky - this pattern looks great with all kinds of different fabric combos. I'm behind in the QAL but I am loving how mine is coming together and I am plotting to keep it for MEMEME instead of gifting it, I love it so much.

  15. I really want to make this one. I've started thinking about fabrics, and now just need to find/make the time to start it. Great pattern! Everyone's versions look fantastic.

  16. Wow! They are all completely fabulous! I especially love the Central Park one.

  17. Beautiful! I can't wait to try one!

  18. I love these Supernova blocks! I'm really interested in modern quilting now.

  19. Thanks so much Lee! All of them are so great!!! I think the pattern you created is beyond amazing!

  20. It has been a blast seeing just how different they all look and following along. Glad you liked my Modified Design block. I have a feeling this QAL will keep me expanding my horizons with variations long after my original quilt is done. thanks again.


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