Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday #22

Well, it's gonna be another short one—I spent all week working on Supernova blocks and swap placemats. The good news is, I made serious progress on both. In fact, my placemats are now done. I'll be posting about them on Friday and hopefully mailing my swap package today. Yay!

Ongoing projects:

Supernova Quilt-Along
I finished up my blocks on Monday! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's post, when we'll be finishing the top. I can't wait to see all of your Supernova tops in the Flickr group!

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Hope Valley (the original Supernova)

Completed quilts awaiting binding:
Modern Meadow

On hold ... yeah, yeah.
Central Park jelly roll quilt
Figgy Pudding quilt
Wonky Log Cabin

This week's stats:
New projects - 0
Completed projects - 1 (MMM swap placemats)
Currently in progress - 9 (down one from last week)

I'm really looking forward to this next week—all I have on the horizon are bee blocks and Supernova. And I've got a few new projects that I can't wait to get started on, including some home dec goodies (for my own house) and even—gasp!—a skirt. For me! Stay tuned.

Okay, you know what to do! Link 'em, comment on 'em, and have a productive week!

P.S. Again, I apologize for not getting around to all of last week's WIP links. I also haven't had time to respond to many of my comments, so I'm sorry if you've been waiting for a reply from me. Please know that your links and comments mean the world to me—even if you don't hear from me, I read and enjoy every one of them!


  1. Looks great, Lee! And congrats on the Explore! My Supernova blocks are taking longer than I thought they would so no WIP Wed post from me -- I decided to sew instead!

  2. supernova is looking great!

  3. Lee! My son's bday is the 21st! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy place!

  4. Your Supernova squares are AMAZING!!! I really love this pattern! I haven't seen one set (on Flickr) that I haven't liked!! Wonderful!!

  5. Sooooooo beautiful. Looks amazing.

  6. Hello Lee! Your Supernova quilt is going to be amazing!

  7. The supernova QAL has been so fun. Thanks for your hard work. Your second version looks fantastic! Excited to see your new projects.

  8. Yay, you finished the placemats!!! And your Supernova blocks? That's some heavy-duty progress for sure :) I just love your Supernova choices, they are just totally rocking...dare I say it, even more than the first!

  9. Your blocks look aewsome! I think you hooked me. I'm going to start pulling fabrics today!

  10. Oh wow, your Supernova blocks look awesome! I really like the dark background.

    Not to be nit-picky, but today is actually WIP #22. I only know because coincidentally enough, each week has corresponded with the week of my pregnancy, and this morning I saw your post & said "NO! I thought I was supposed to be 22 weeks?!" I even had to go double-check to make sure. I thought I lost a week somehow. :)

  11. Your Supernova blocks are gorgeous.
    I LOVE the dark background, and the colors you chose. Beautiful!

  12. I look forward to those place mats. Your quilt is turning out so pretty!

  13. Your super nova looks great! Wish I had had the time to jump in on this, but... the 4 QAL I started last year are mocking me.

  14. Love your supernova, and have so enjoyed following your qa! Such fun!

  15. Love the colors of your Supernova. :D Wish I'd been able to do this one with the gang, but it's been fun watching them emerge!

  16. Oh my, I am loving the grey with those blues and oranges on your supernova quilt! Looks awesome!!

  17. I love how your Supernova quilt is coming along. That is a fabulous color combo!

  18. I like the supernova with gray. It is very fun!

  19. I love the colors on that quilt! It is looks great!

  20. your quilt blocks look amazing! nice job; i love your color choices.

  21. This is such an incredibly beautiful quilt. Just stunning!

  22. Gosh, your Supernova is just too wonderful. Those colors are awesome. I wish I knew how you do such a great job choosing them. I'm still dissatisfied with mine, and I spent most of the weekend REmaking them! You do lovely work.

  23. I like the colors you chose for your supernova.

    And thanks for hosting the WIP Wednesday Link-up, it is a lot of fun. :)

  24. Thanks for another great linky party! Those Supernova squares look awesome. :)

  25. Sorry, I didn't mean to double link. It wasn't showing up so I thought I had messed up. You can erase the first one because it's just my general blog link, not my WIP link.

  26. Supernova is AWESOME! BTW I don't mind at all if you don't get around to commenting on all of them, I try to visit as many as possible, but sometimes it is too many and too little time!

  27. I joined the group immediately whenI saw your notice. I haven't had much luck in quilting bees and I loved the way you organized this. Unfortunately during the first week my mother became ill and passed away yesterday so this wonderful experience I was so lucky forward to I feel like I missed out on. In the coming weeks I intend to start from the beginning so I'd appreciate it if you or any one else who is in the group can help me out when I get stuck as I'm a relatively new quilter. The finished quilt tops are absolutely beautiful and it's amazing how different they all are. I hope you do this again and can be part of the group experience next time but I will finish this quilt and my quilt will be the very last one posted I'm sure. Thanks for offering such a wonderful opportunity and I hope you will continue to offer more. Thank you so much.


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