Monday, October 17, 2011

The Sewing Summit: Swaps

My two favorite things about Sewing Summit: Friends and fabric (in all its many forms). Happily, the weekend offered plenty of opportunities to combine the two!

Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy, AnneMarie of Gen X Quilters, and I arranged a little in-person roommate swap. How often do you get the chance to exchange swaps in person? It was so fun to receive things made by my closest blog-friends-turned-real-friends. : ) From Elizabeth, I got this adorable hexagon zippy pouch with hand-quilting around the hexy. I'm determined to learn how to embroider someday soon, and this pouch will be perfect for my supplies!

The back is one of my fave blocks, the x and + block!

AnneMarie made me this gorgeous paper-pieced pillow from Heirloom. I LOVE Heirloom, so she definitely nailed it with this. It looks great on our couch too, as you can see. And guess what—there's a zipper in this, too. You ladies are totally putting the pressure on me to figure out those darn things! : )

Speaking of AnneMarie, here's something else she made me a while back, that I have yet to share, and which came in handy at the Summit. This sweet linen lingerie bag! How could you not love that underwear print? And the linen and decorative stitches are the perfect finishing touches.

And here's what I made for AnneMarie—yep, I'm still obsessing on the paper-pieced stars from Carol Doak's book 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars. Since all the stars in the book are named after states, I thought it would be symbolic and meaningful and just plain cool to use the Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, and Utah stars in my mini-quilts for the girls. One star for each of our home states, plus a star for the state where the Summit was held. (No, that's not my awesome carpet in the photo. That would be the carpet at Little America hotel.)

I wanted Elizabeth to get the same thing, but in different fabric. Sadly, this plan was far too complicated to execute in the time I had available before leaving for the Summit. I knew I should try to come up with a simpler plan, but once I thought of the state-stars idea, I couldn't unthink it. I had to do it. But I'm hard at work finishing up Elizabeth's and I hope to get it in the mail to her in the next few days. Thanks for your patience, E!

Moving right along, Kristie of OCD gave me this insanely cute framed clutch while we were at Summit, as payment for creating a couple of blog buttons for her recently. LOVE the fabric, the flower, and the blue doodads on the frame. Also, this particular clutch is famous, because it's straight from Kristie's framed-purse tutorial for the Moda Bake Shop! Click here to see my clutch's 15 minutes of fame (and learn how to make one yourself!)

The inside of the clutch, with Kristie's cute label.

Here's a stack o' goodies I scored at the Summit FQ swap, organized by Kaelin of the Plaid Scottie. We were all expecting the swap to be a full-contact sport, but everybody was super calm and orderly. After the swap, several of us used our FQs to test Elizabeth's Rain-Man-like knowledge of fabric lines. That red and orange print in the bottom-right corner was the only one that stumped her! Anybody know it?

Yet another swap I participated in was the Color Wheel charm swap organized by Kati of From the Blue Chair. I would love to make a pixelated color-wheel quilt like Kati's, and with these charms, that should come together nicely.

I think that about covers the swaps. Come back tomorrow for my final Summit-related post: The swag, plus a swaggy giveaway!


  1. fun stuff! Everything is beautiful. i adore that pillow from AnneMarie. Good thing I wasnt there, i totally would have nabbed that! And I had no idea Elizabeth has a rainmain like knowledge of fabric, haha! Now I know who to go to when I don't know the name of something.

  2. What great loot! I'm so jealous of all the fun you ladies had! Love your paper pieced stars too. I got hooked on that when I did the Summer Sampler Series QAL. I love the precision!

  3. Loved all the goodies that came from our swap!! Hilarious - RainMan fabric knowledge!! I missed that, but I would have loved to test E too!! Ha ha!

  4. Wow! All the projects are just fabulous! And don't be afraid of the zipper, all you need is 5 minutes and someone to show you how, and you're set!

  5. Oh it sounds like an awesome time! All those pretty gifts from good friends make them even more special. You and I both have to conquer that zipper! Thanks for sharing :o)

  6. I love the little star thing you made for annemarie.

  7. I have that book too, the stars are great!

  8. Love the star quilt you made and the one for Elizabeth is going to be equally as wonderful!

  9. It's all so beautiful. The 4 star quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I'm feeling the star inspiration these days so I am completely drawn to that one!

  10. Oh I'm just so so jealous! Next year, next year :-) Great swaps, I loooove your star idea! I'm sure Elizabeth is fine with waiting, its certainly worth it for that beauty!

  11. Beautiful goodies.All are very nice and from wonderful friends.Enjoy!

  12. The Summit must have been fantastic. Love your paper pieced stars.

  13. They totally should've made that an activity with prizes - Name That Fabric!

  14. what a bright post!! love it!!

    x, H

  15. That is so awesome. I can't wait until next year, I am definitely going!

  16. I love the paper pieced stars! The summit is something I would love check out!

  17. Hey! There's the clutch! How did I miss this before...I remember the lingerie bag, etc...I am sure I am losing my mind! Anyways, glad you like it and hope it is serving you well :) Sooo many awesome goodies in this post!


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