Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bee Wrap-Up

Since it was my month to receive blocks in two of my bees, I only had to make one bee block in November. And with all of my bees taking the month of December off, this is actually my last bee block of 2011.

Krista of Poppyprint asked the Stash Trad bee members to make this pine tree block. She asked us to do our blocks in any bright color, with a stripe used in the large triangle and a black print for the tree trunk. I don't have a ton of stripes in my stash, but I thought this stripe from the Treasures and Tidbits line would work well.

Ayumi was nice enough to set up a paper-piecing pattern for this block, so that's what I used to get my points right on. I don't think my seams would have been this perfect if I had done it any other way!

So that does it for my 2011 bee blocks! This was my first year being in any bees, and as usual for me, I jumped in with both feet. I ended up participating in six different bees this year (though not all at one time!), and made a total of 54 bee blocks this year! Whew, that's a lot.

1. Mod Mosaic blocks, 2. [Sew] Beautiful January block, 3. String Me Along January Block, 4. Spiderweb block for Elizabeth, 5. Do Good Stitches blocks, 6. Do Good Stitches - Love Circle August, 7. Drunk love block for Emily, 8. Wonky Star block for Rachel, 9. Wonky star block for Rachel, 10. 3x6 block, 11. Do Good Stitches - July block, 12. Do Good Stitches - Around the World block, 13. Cracker Scraps block for Angela, 14. Improv block for Kati, 15. Sew Beautiful - July block, 16. Circle of Geese block for Brooke, 17. Oregon Star 4x5 Bee block, 18. Bento block for Franswimmer, 19. Dutch Pinwheel, 20. Drunk love block for Elizabeth, 21. "Me" block for Angela, 22. Do. Good Stitches strip block, 23. 3x6 bee block - 2nd quarter 2011, 24. HST block for Sharon, 25. Christmas block for Katie, 26. Pine Tree block for Krista, 27. String Blocks for Patchwork Queen, 28. Drunk Love block for Beth, 29. House block for Cara, 30. String Me Along block

Looking forward to more bee blocks in 2012!

Updated to add: If you would like to join a bee, a good place to start is the Quilting Bee Blocks group on Flickr. That group has a list of upcoming bees that are looking for members.

However, my favorite bees by far are the ones where somebody (like you!) just decided to start his or her own bee, and invited some favorite bloggers/flickr friends to participate. So if you would like to be in a bee, consider starting one yourself! Make a list of people that you would be interested in exchanging blocks with, and ask them if they would like to participate. You'd be surprised how often they will say yes (especially if you ask people who aren't already in a lot of bees). "By invitation" bees like this tend to produce higher quality blocks, and the members will be less likely to flake out on you, making for a happier experience all the way around. The Quilting Bee Blocks Flickr group has lots of resources for anyone considering starting their own bee. Look for the "Quilting Bee 101" posts in the Flickr group's discussion forum.


  1. Beautiful block and I love your fabric choices. Is there a chance that you would share the paper pieced pattern as I'd love to make this block. Thanks in advance.

  2. Wow - that IS alot! Curious to count mine up! ;-)

  3. Love the mosaic! I need to do that to see everything I've done all together. What a fun idea.

  4. Very cool! The improv block and the HST block are my favorites.

  5. well done! :) I would love to make a quilt of all of the bee blocks you made (the mosaic above would be such a funky-fun quilt!).

  6. Great mosaic and it looks like you have has fun this year to date!

  7. great looking block. The mosaic is really pretty

  8. A mosaic full of fabulous blocks - I love them all!

  9. Wow, so many blocks!! They all look so wonderful. :)

  10. I'd love to participate in a bee next year. Can you recommend where to join one?

  11. Wow!! That is a lot of bee blocks!! I love them all! And this one is gorgeous! Way to Bee! ;)

  12. Lovely!

    I've got a similar question to Jill....

    HOw do you find out about Bees?

  13. I love red - your pine tree block is stunning Lee, thank you so much!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this quilt. Woohoo!!

  14. Those seams looks perfect! As for bees, I thought 2 was a lot to leap into, I bow at your feet :oD

  15. Lee--your blocks are gorgeous. Even more gorgeous? Your new headshot!!

  16. Holy crap that's a lot of bee blocks. And each one is perfectly gorgeous. ALLLLLMOST as gorgeous as your new headshot!

  17. Wow, that is a lot of bees!! Your blocks are all amazing!! If any of your bees have a space opening up and they are looking for someone they can count on to get blocks done and nice you could always send them my way :) I loved the bee I was in this last year and thinking of joining another one for next year :)


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