Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Own Blogger's Choice Bundle

Hey, don't you just love the "Blogger's Choice" fat quarter bundles at the Fat Quarter Shop? And don't you totally dream of the day you get an email from the Fat Quarter Shop asking you to choose your very own bundle of fabric?

Okay, maybe that's just me. : ) Regardless, now we all get to be superstar bloggers for a day. Laura at Quokka Quilts had the genius idea of hosting a contest to choose the next Blogger's Choice bundle. Just choose fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop, post your bundle, and link it up to her contest post.

Blogger's Choice bundle contest entry

So here's my entry. I had a blast choosing this bundle. Almost as fun as shopping, but without the disapproving look from your spouse when the credit card statement arrives. And the winner gets a half-yard bundle of their chosen fabrics! Nice! So skip on over to the Fat Quarter Shop to make your own. My fabric names/links are below.

1. Bespoken by Pat Bravo, Orchid Jaquard
2. Meet Me at Sunset by Dear Stella, Pink Gridlock
3. Bella Solids Gray
4. Dazzle by Melissa Averinos, Clementine Flowers
5. Puttin' On the Ritz by Bunny Hill, Grey Princess
6. Yard Sale by Dear Stella, Sky
7. Divine by Rosemarie Lavin, Tangerine Linen Texture
8. Paparazzi by Red Rooster, Light Gray on White Dots
9. Bella Solids Magenta
10. Dazzle by Melissa Averinos, Melon Jewel
11. Cotton Couture Solids by Michael Miller, Violet
12. Ooh La La by Pillow and Maxfield, Sherbet Cercle de Fleurs
13. Dazzle by Melissa Averinos, Clementine Shadow Stripe
14. Palladium by Dear Stella, Gray Gridlock
15. Power Pop by Jenean Morrison, Aqua Girlfriend


  1. Very cool indeed! I'll be posting mine tomorrow! ;-)

  2. What a beautiful stack! I can picture a quilt now!

  3. Love this look... now go make a quilt! :)

  4. I love your colours! Who am I kidding....I love everyones colours!!

  5. Ooh, looks lovely! Thanks for linking up Lee! :)

  6. Your colours are SO unique- I love them!!!

  7. Great choice :o) I'm loving seeing so many similar groupings of colour with so many different fabrics!

  8. Oooh so pretty, love these ones!

  9. Oh yours is wonderful. I would like to combine some of your picks with mine. BTW cute new profile pic, the quilt in the background just makes it.

  10. Those would be a great quilt, I love those picks!

  11. Love the colors! :D Pink is my favorite color, so I'd pick your bundle in a jiffy!

  12. Very pretty! It's a nice bold mix with the grey to soften it. I like it!

  13. I wouldn've have though of these choices, but I really like it!

  14. I love your bundle! So fun and would make a gorgeous quilt.


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