Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Quilt Market: The Obligatory Ginormous Fabric Post

Okay, let's do this thing! Here's a sampling of some of my fave fabric sightings at Market. (Looking for my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day post? It's here.)

Liberty of London is introducing their first-ever "lifestyle collection" on 100% quilting cotton! I admit, I haven't been a huge Liberty fan in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised by this collection, called Bloomsbury Gardens. The prints are a bit brighter, bolder, and more graphic than what I've come to expect from Liberty. We met the designer in the Liberty booth, and he told us that was a deliberate choice, made with higher-contrast quilt designs in mind. I love that Liberty really thought about it! They didn't just slap their usual prints onto quilting fabric. You can check out some of the prints here.

Madrona Road by Violet Craft/Michael Miller. These colors really hit the spot for me right now—I'm starting to yearn for blues that aren't aqua, and Madrona Road has some beautiful blues! You can see the prints here, and while you're at it, check out Violet's Giveaway Day post—she's giving away two bundles of her new line! (This quilt, by the way, is from Elizabeth Hartman's fantastic new book, Modern Patchwork, now available on Amazon.)

And here is Madrona Road's large-scale floral used in a dress. How cute is this? It's from Sew Serendipity patterns.

Bella by Lotta Jansdotter/Windham. This was the fabric line I most wanted to get at Sample Spree (and yes, I succeeded!). So it's safe to say that it's one of my absolute favorites from Market. I fell hard for this quilt, which uses only the grays and oranges from Bella. It's amazing how different a line can look when you pull out only one or two colors like this. Bella ships in August. You can learn more here.

Storybook Lane by Ever Kelly/Andover. My favorite line from a new designer would have to be this one, shipping very soon from Andover. Such clear, bright colors—just what I like. Designer Kelly Lee-Creel also took one of the booth display prizes at Market this year. I predict we'll be hearing a lot more about her in the coming months. You can take a closer look at her prints right here.

Here's another quilt featuring Storybook Lane. Love that dresden cuckoo clock!

Chevrons by Riley Blake. I haven't been a huge Riley Blake fan in the past, but I came away from their Market displays thinking that their offerings are improving. There's a whole new range of chevrons coming from them in the next few months—larger chevrons, multi-colored chevrons, tone-on-tone chevrons, teeny chevrons, laminated chevrons ... they have got the chevron market so covered! I love it! Most of these will be shipping in July. Click here to see more.

Millie's Closet by Lori Holt/Riley Blake. That check/houndstooth pattern is fabulous. There's also a great dot in this collection, and a couple of nice florals as well.

Dear Stella just keeps churning out winners. I love love love the Fez print from their Bukhara collection. And the British-themed Town and Country is perfection.

The Birds and the Bees by Tula Pink/Free Spirit. Of course I'm dying to get my hands on some of this collection, which is due in July. Those colors! Be still my heart!

Winterkist by Monica Solorio-Snow/Lecien. Winterkist is the new holiday line by Monica of Happy Zombie fame. The Gnomas are back, and I scored a bundle of 'em at Sample Spree! This line is so bright and fun I'd just like to eat it up. But instead I'll probably sew something with it. : ) Click here to see more.

Echino by Kokka. As always, Kokka has some fab Echino prints coming out—I'm really digging those zebras.

Nursery Versery by Heather Ross/Kokka. Sure, those mice are cute, but hello, have you seen the Itsy Bitsy Spider prints??? I must have them! Click here for a closer look.

Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater/Moda. Lots of people are excited about this one, including me! Text prints are hot and Mama Said Sew has them in spades. I tried to nab some of this at Sample Spree, but it was completely gone in the first 10 minutes, so I was out of luck. This collection ships in August—get a closer look at their prints here.

Out to Sea by Sarah Jane/Michael Miller. There are mermaids and narwhals in this line!! Enough said. : ) Click here for a better look.

And there's more, of course—these were only some of the highlights for me. I'll be back soon with another Market post covering all the wonderful people I met and spent time with at Market. What an amazing experience to meet so many of my quilty idols! I tried really really hard not to act like a dorky fangirl around some of my favorites, though I'm not sure I always succeeded. : ) But everybody was super nice anyway and I can't wait to fill you all in.


Marika said...

Wow thanks for the tour ! I hope one day I'll be able to go to Quilt Market !!

jlk said...

The dress was in the Sew Serendipity booth, by Kay Whitt. It was a fantastic dress!

Leila said...

LOVE YOUR POST! Love the dress, pictures, links! Thanks for taking the time to put it together! There are pictures here that I haven't seen on any other blogs. THANKS!!!

Taya@TypeB said...

Thank you, thank you for this post! I love Market round ups. Hope you had a great time and are recovering :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is a great post. I clearly didn't take enough pictures. It was fun meeting you too. Wish we would have had more time to chat.

Becky said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing!

Carla said...

I really enjoyed your overview here, Lee! I realize how much I missed....thanks for all the great pics and links. It was lovely meeting you in person at Market. I'm a fan!

Katy Cameron said...

*sigh* it looks wonderful! Loving the look of the Bella, Tula Pink and Out To Sea

diane said...

oh my wallet$$$

Katie B. said...

Oof, I think I just maxed out my credit card simply by reading this post. Is that possible? :)

Melanie said...

I have to say I think yours is the best Market overview I've read so far. I love that you included new designers and not just the famous designers. Of course I love that you showed a picture of Tula's booth. I'm so excited to see these in person!

Cherie said...

Wow what amazing pictures! Loving all the fabrics! The Chevron booth looks so cool! =D

I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D


pasqueflower said...

Thanks for all the photos and sneak previews!

OPQuilt said...

Thanks for your photos and your comments, as descriptions are always helpful in assessing whether we should start right now salivating over the new lines, or put it off for a couple of weeks. You're right--those Ross spiders are on my list of things to acquire. Welcome home!

Elizabeth E.

traceyjay said...

It's Kay Whitt -- Sew Serendipity -- she has awesome patterns.

So fun Lee! I'm so happy you got to go! (one day I say... one day). :)

Jodi said...

Thank you! I've been stalking the internet for days trying to find good pics! :)

Linda said...

My! Your post just affirms how large market truly is! I don't remember seeing much of what you posted about! Thank you for sharing these. You have excellent taste 'cause I love everything you do. It was so wonderful to meet you, Lee! Thank you. Linda, who's in Florida now, house-hunting

Brigitte said...

Hi Lee, thank you so much for saying hi at my booth. Unfortunately I missed you somehow, and got aware of your visit when seeing your businesscard. Wish we could have met in person!

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