Monday, July 30, 2012

Fabric Therapy

After a bit of a crazy weekend, this morning's fabric delivery couldn't have been timed better:

Oakshott Rubies! This is one gorgeous collection of crossweaves—now the question is, what should I make from it? I'm taking suggestions! : )

And let's not forget about another recent acquisition, my stack of Indie by Art Gallery. How beautiful are these prints? Maureen made the coolest West Elm-inspired pillow with Indie recently, so now I just need to decide what to do with mine. It is kind of perfect for something home dec-ish ...

Oh, and let's pull a winner for the Free Spirit Designer Essentials charm pack from last week's Block-A-Thon giveaway! The winner is #137, Diane:

 Thanks, everyone, for playing along!


  1. Such gorgeous bundles of fabric =D

  2. What about a special tablecloth? Otherwise, if you just aren't sure, you can just mail them straight to me ;)!

  3. Oooh, fab bundles. That Oakshott would look great in a kind of radiating arrangement where the colour graduated from a central point outwards, either on a large scale, or in blocks, maybe randomly sized and arranged together... Sorry, I'll shut up now and let you think up your own ideas ;o)

  4. What about a string quilt or string table runner?

  5. I have that same bundle of Oakshott--stunning! And I can hardly wait to get some Indie--it's beautiful!

  6. I have a bundle like that and I cannot stop looking at it.
    I've made a design with bubbles/circles: look here:

  7. Hey! Thanks for linking up to my pillow! I'm actually sewing with Indie again today. And, I'm thinking I might have to blog the Fabric Therapy that's come in since my hiatus!! I got a little crazy!! ;)

  8. Jealous of your pretty fabric bundles! Can't wait to see what you make with Indie!

  9. I love the fabric but I am also quite taken by the beautiful gleam of the table they are sitting on!

  10. That Oakshott is looking delicious. I really must save a little money some day to get some myself.

  11. I am so excited to have won the Free Spirit Designer Essentials charm pack!! :) time to search out the perfect pattern ... Thank you!

  12. thanks for sharing.


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