Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday: With Guest Host Emily of Mommy's Nap Time

Hello! I'm Emily and I blog over at Mommy's Nap Time. I'm really excited to be guest hosting WIP Wednesday this week!

This week I have a lot of projects up in the air - halfway done, partially done, nearly done. That's the way it goes. I like to go from one project to another frequently! It's been a crazy week this week with school starting and my guild's retreat coming up this weekend. I've been in plan/pack organize mode!

Here are some of the WIP's I'll be bringing with me to our retreat. Some of them are brand new projects, and some are just begging to be finished!
Lindsey's Quilt - project bag. Even the binding is prepared!
Lindsey's Quilt - I need to piece the back, baste and quilt it! I am pretty confident I can have this one big finish at the retreat!

Bella Bella {for someone special} quilt - this is a long-term project. It requires a lot of attention to details. I'm hoping to draft patterns for another paper pieced border. Perhaps I may even sew some of the pieces for that border. I'd be happy just looking at it once in a while at the retreat!

Scrap bins to make mug rugs
13 Mug rugs. These have been commissioned by my MIL for Christmas gifts. (The payment for these is helping me make my way to QuiltCon this winter!!!) They're for my MIL's employees + co-workers. I have free reign over design. I'm hoping to try some new things and let my guild member's projects inspire me.

Figure 8 Scarf. I really can't wait to make this one. It's taking self restraint to not finish it right now. My friend Emily and I decided to make them together at the retreat! That's always fun!
I have some fabric cutting, pattern testing, and a couple secret projects to work on too. Too many to list here. I like to have variety. I'm not used to being able to sew for hours at a time. I'm so used to breaking up my projects into little increments of time that having a huge chunk of time for sewing is fabulous. I get too ADD to focus on just one project!
Finishes of last week (no longer on the list!!)
  • RATZ Swap  - name tags finished!
  • August bee block - finished!
  • Super secret project - finished!
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  1. the Bella Bella quilt is just incredible! Have fun at your retreat!!

  2. Love the Bella Bella quilt! Have fun with the mug rugs! They are great gifts.

  3. the quilt definitely requires attention to details but what a great long term project! Thanks for guest hosting!!

  4. You certainly have a lot going on!! Enjoy the retreat :) I love those scrap bins too!

  5. Some great projects! Fabulous piecing on the Bella Bella quilt! Enjoy the retreat!

  6. The retreat sounds like fun-and so inspirational! The bella bella quilt is gorgeous.

  7. The Bella Bella quilt is beautiful.

  8. love your Bella reminds me of putting the Giant Dahlia together...only with more detail....that circle can be difficult to lay flat.

  9. Your projects are so fancy! That Bella Bella is amazing! The quilt kit with even the binding ready to go seems like a great idea. Have fun on your retreat!

  10. I love the nicely organized project in a bag :)

  11. I love the project bag is so organized. Have fun at the retreat!

  12. i so wish i was going to the retreat! but this is almost the next best thing... seeing your pic in front of some lou lou thi! have fun!

  13. I would love to go on a quilt retreat - looks like you are well prepared!

  14. Some really great projects to have as WIPs. Hope to see some progress on those soon =D

  15. Mama-cita! I want one of those Bella-bella quilts! That is just gorgeous!

  16. Your circular quilt is looking beautiful!

  17. Thanks to Emily for guest-hosting! I love the scrap buckets you're using for your mug rug materials - did you make them or find them somewhere?

  18. I wish our guild would host a retreat!!

    I have just realized that I didn't post my blog from yesterday and find today that the linky is closed. Here is the link if anyone is interested.


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