Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cartwheels Pattern Winners

Cartwheels pattern
Thank you for all of the support for my new pattern, Cartwheels! The winners of free copies of the pattern are Alison (comment #14), Beth (comment #142), and Shar (comment #170). Congratulations, ladies! I've sent you each an email.

If you didn't win, the pattern is still on sale for a few more days, so snap it up before it goes up to regular price! You can buy it as an automatically-downloading PDF file in my pattern shop, or at Craftsy or Threadbias.

Also, my Art Gallery Fabrics giveaway is still open - enter through Friday morning to win a fat-quarter bundle of Rock 'N Romance.

1 comment:

Suze said...

I just ordered this pattern from an online quilt shop while it was on sale. I'm adored it for sometime. My maiden name is Cartwright and you can not believe how many times I've heard Cartwheel. My son has Cartwright as his middle name. I just had eye surgery on the the muscles in both eyes for double vision. The specialists (I've seen four) all think that I've had issues for years and have been able to cope with this until recently. I had been considering having cataract surgery for over two years and the specialist who did the surgery says I do not have cataracts. I still have double vision and may for at least five more weeks. So, after recovery I hope to make many quilts for my brother and his grandchildren with the name and variation of the name - I think they'll enjoy the pattern and the name. Many thanks for a great pattern.

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