Friday, December 7, 2012

Ruby Star Wrap-Along: Fancy Fabric Envelopes

Hello, and thanks for visiting my stop on the Ruby Star Wrap-Along!

So, it's the holidays. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that none of us need additional items on our to-do lists right about now. It's difficult enough to find the time to make or buy the gifts themselves. So if I'm going to get crafty with the wrapping/packaging, it better be with an easy, quick little project.

Thankfully, Ruby Star Wrapping by Melody Miller and Allison Tannery is full of projects like that, including these Fancy Fabric Envelopes. They're fun, simple, so lightning-fast to make, and a great way to show off favorite prints. I spent less than two hours making all three of the fabric envelopes in this blog post, and that includes finding and attaching the decorative accents on the flaps.

Fancy Fabric Envelope
When I first looked at the instructions for the Fancy Fabric Envelopes, I thought, "Wait, why did I pick this project again?" Because there's math involved in this one, you guys. You have to add 1/4" here and subtract 1/2" there and multiply by 1.6 over here. Ack! Fortunately, once I started working my way through the project, everything made sense, and the math wasn't nearly as difficult as it had first appeared to be. The only issue I had is that it's easy to mix up which dimension is the height of the envelope and which dimension is the width, so keep track carefully.

Fancy Fabric Envelope
My one other snafu was the discovery that you probably shouldn't use directional fabric on the back of the envelope. That directional fabric wraps around to the front and becomes a flap—which means that the fabric has to be upside down either on the back of the envelope or on the flap (as you can see, on my big envelope, the flap fabric is upside down). So, you may want to use directional prints only on the front of the envelope or the inside.

The pattern also calls for some sort of decorative notion on the front flap. I've had a kit that makes fabric-covered buttons hanging around for ages, but never quite knew what to do with it. I finally got my chance to use it with these envelopes! The buttons make great accents on the flaps.

Fancy Fabric Envelope
For this one, I threw caution to the wind and attempted to adjust the proportions of the front flap a little. In order to make the flap longer, I started the flap triangle an inch or so below where it was supposed to start. I like how it turned out.

Fancy Fabric Envelope
I was thinking I might use these as teacher gifts, but my 3-year-old has decided they also make excellent beds for her Brewers Racing Sausage dolls. So maybe we'll keep them after all. I would hate for Bratwurst to have to sleep on the cold, bare floor.

Want to get the Ruby Star Wrapping book? You can pick it up at Amazon, of course. Plenty of other places too, I'm sure!

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P.S. Like my snazzy new look for the blog? I've got a few tweaks left to make in the coming days, but I'm thrilled to be freshening things up around here! : )


Altax said...

Looks awesome!!!

Kids Games

Gill said...

I love these envelopes!
What a great idea!

AnneMarie said...

Blog redo looks great!! Love that your daughter has a doll named Bratwurst. :) Cute sleeping bags!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

These look great!! And, a perfect place for that doll to sleep. ;)

Debbie said...

Thanks for the help with this project and YES I like the blog look!

Kristen said...

The envelopes look great and I laughed about the Bratwurst. Guess only the Wisconsinites will understand the whole racing sausages thing... :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

Really cute!

Live a Colorful Life said...

P.S. The blog looks fabulous!

Stacy said...

Oh as a card crafter, I can appreciate these beautiful envelopes. It is good to see the envelope taken to the next level... and they would make great Christmas wrapping.

Becky said...

That last shot is hysterical!! You know you live in Milwaukee when....

melody miller said...

Absolutely adorable! I have to admit that this is one of the projects in the book that I was most nervous about someone else pulling off. I thought the math might look just intimidating enough that people wouldn't want to try the project. I'm so glad that you did, and that you found them easy to make. Thanks for the notes (even with pattern testers, it's hard to always know which details need further explaining). I think I can finally breathe a sigh of relief about this one!

Katy Cameron said...

Love these, especially the brat bed ;o)

Rebecca said...

Great project and I agree, the brat needs to be warm in our WI weather! Your blog is looking great too!

capitolaquilter said...

Thanks for the tip about directional fabric, I managed to make sure my Christmas Trees didn't stand on their heads. Super cute buttons and I Love the fresh logo.

Swedish Scrapper said...

Fantastic envelopes! I remember one year my mom made her own envelopes out of magazine pages and had us do a treasure hunt through the house to find clues she had put in the envelopes. We thought she was a magician that she had made envelopes all by herself :D

Zelda said...

Love Mr. Bratwurst! The daughter of one of my coworkers used to be one of the sausages -- her summer job while in college. Hope your daughter is also a Packer fan.

Leila said...

Very nice! I love your new header too!

Kirsten said...

These are a fabulous idea - just perfect for enclosing gift cards! Really love your new blog design too!

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