Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Finding My Mojo

So, the sewing mojo remained at level zero for me for most of the past week. In fact, I don't think I even sat down at my machine until yesterday. With the tragedy in Connecticut and various other (much less important) things happening in my own life, it was hard to get excited about much of anything over the weekend. But it's a new week now, and with my kids' smiling faces to urge me on, yesterday I decided it was time to get back behind the machine.

Part of the reason I wasn't sewing? I think I was avoiding the handmade-gift conundrum. As in: Do I make anything? And if so, for whom? I was determined not to make anything for anyone this year, because, well, I just didn't feel like it. Some years, Starbucks gift cards are just more feasible, right?

Bow clutches for teacher gifts
But sometimes it's nice to give something a bit more personal, so last night I started these cute little chevron bow clutches for the girls' teachers. I had to stop before they were done because of course I didn't have the foresight to buy the zippers, but so far they're adorable, and very quick to make. So depending on how these turn out, I might even whip up a few more. I might. (You can find the bow clutch tutorial right here.)

Fox Hollow for baby quilt
I'm also cutting up this stack of Fox Hollow from Monaluna for a baby quilt for some friends. The baby's already almost three months old, so no time like the present! I think the parents will love these cutie fox prints.

Be sure to come back here tomorrow, because I'm releasing another pattern! I've had to fill my time somehow, so instead of sewing, I guess it's been pattern-writing. : ) Tomorrow I'll be releasing Chain Reaction as a stand-alone pattern (the pattern previously appeared in Quiltmaker magazine). Once again, I'll be giving away three copies and offering it on sale for a short time, so don't miss it! And that means today is the last day to pick up Cartwheels on sale - it can be purchased in my pattern shop or on Craftsy or Threadbias.

Okay, what are you working on this week? Whatever you're sewing, link it up here! Just remember the rules:
1. Link up any post from the past week that features at least one unfinished work-in-progress (WIP).
2. Somewhere in your post, you must link back here to my blog. (Or grab my WIP Wednesday button for your sidebar.)
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Have a great week!


  1. The clutches are really cute! Great idea for teacher's gifts.

  2. I'm sure the teachers will love the clutches. Handmade gifts are always appreciated, but like you said, gift cards are more feasible. That's the route I'm taking this year. I tell myself that there will be other opportunities for handmade, but I'm cutting myself some slack for now. It feels great!
    Happy sewing to you, Lee!

  3. I know how you feel. I've finally come to the realization that I'd rather put real time and effort into the gifts, which means that only 3-5 people get something every year, and who those people are rotate year to year. It gives me time to think of something meaningful by the time the person gets on the list again. :)

  4. They clutches are beautiful with the chevron. I'm sure the teachers will love them. I also love the fabrics you've selected for the baby quilt.

  5. I love those fox prints! They'll make a very cute baby quilt. Personally, I've scaled back this year on making handmade gifts. Last year I went all out (and invested a lot of time too) but didn't quite feel that it was really worth it for everyone on my list. Some folks really just like an Amazon gift card and I'm ok with that. ;) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Lee!

  6. Adorable baby quilt fabric. I'm always in a pickle about who to make gifts for and usually wait a little too late to do much about it once inspiration strikes.

  7. Pretty bow clutches! The fabric for the baby quilt is gorgeous and yeah for more patterns :)

  8. The baby quilt is going to be so cute. Those clutches as well.

  9. Yep, those clutches are adorable, alright :)

  10. Thank you for hosting. Love those foxes!

  11. I love the fabrics you are using and congrats in advance on the new pattern.

  12. The clutches will be lovely, and I can't wait to see your new pattern! I'm linking up for the first time today, so thanks so much for hosting!

  13. Those clutches are adorable! I'm sure the teachers will love them.

  14. Clutches are perfect! It is such a conundrum. I am the horrible parent that doesn't give gifts to the teacher. I just contribute to the end of the year fund that they get!

  15. Those clutches are fabulous! Lucky teachers! I hear you about the mojo thing. :(

  16. Starbucks gift cards are ALWAYS appropriate, as far as I'm concerned. ;) It's been a strange holiday season. I'm with you in the need for a little rest and recharge to get my crafty mojo back.

  17. Obviously we all love those very cute clutch bags, and can relate to how you felt over Connecticut (I wrote about it too). I did five little bags for friends/family, but stopped there for the same reasons: doing too much homemade can get out of control pretty quickly.

    Of course, I would have love to have seen your fallen Christmas tree at some point on the blog, and the happy repair because that's a perfect metaphor for how we all felt this past two weeks, I think.

    Bravo to you for charging on into Christmas. I LOVE the new blog look and congrats on your patterns, classes and all that you have lined up for the new year. I've really appreciated your WIP--no, sometimes I've depended on it--so thank you for being willing to slog through and continue this tradition. You are an amazing quilter with so many great ideas. I look forward to reading your blog for a long time.

    Merry Christmas!
    Elizabeth E.

  18. Cute wee clutches, I'm sure they'll be appreciated :o)

  19. Those clutches are going to be adorable Lee!

  20. gosh...busy busy....I just realized I never linked up after doing my post first thing this morning! LOL


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