Monday, January 14, 2013

Handmade for Newtown - Bid On My Meadow Links Quilt!

Interested in purchasing my Meadow Links quilt? It's up for sale this morning in the Handmade for Newtown auction on Facebook.

When I made this quilt, I needed two different baby quilts for two sets of expectant parents, neither of whom were finding out their baby's gender ahead of time. Let's face it, making gender-neutral quilts just isn't as fun, so I decided to take a chance and make one girl quilt and one boy quilt. I figured, worst case scenario was that I would have to re-make one quilt, and I could save the unused one for the next baby of that gender.

Well, both sets of parents had baby girls. One couple got my Urban Lattice quilt, and the other (eventually) got my Mod Times quilt. That was almost two years ago. Guess how many baby girl quilts I've made since then? Four. Guess how many baby boy quilts I have needed since then? Zero. Figures, right?

Meanwhile, poor little Meadow Links has been patiently waiting to find a baby boy of its very own. I was starting to despair of that ever happening, when Rachael of Imagine Gnats announced the Handmade for Newtown auction. And I've been looking for ways that I could help those affected by the shooting. Perfect.

One-hundred percent of the funds raised in this auction go to Newtown Parent Connection, to be used to benefit those affected by the shooting. There are loads of items up for bidding, including Meadow Links (scroll down to find it). So head over to the auction to see what you can do to help by bidding!


Schulz Family said...

What a fantastic thing for you to do. It is always such a struggle as to how to show you care when aweful things happen. This is so generous of you.

MsMidge said...

Would you believe I just happened across this very auction today via the Hawthorne Threads fb page? I am currently bidding on two lots of fabric! Fingers crossed! ps. I LOVE this quilt!

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