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WIP Wednesday with guest blogger Liz from Shush - I'm Quilting

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Hellllooooo quilty friends! It's Liz here from Shush - I'm Quilting.* I'm talking as loud as I can in the hope that you can hear me all the way from down here in New Zealand.

I'm coolly okay about hanging out here at Freshly Pieced today for WIP Wednesday—I didn't get all skittish or anything when Lee emailed to let me know the exciting news. Nope, I did not run into lounge room squealing at hubby that - yay - I'm guest blogging at Freshly Pieced (response: *blank stare* "what's guest blogging?" Me: humph off to email my best quilty friends, who were much more excited for me). Anyway, it's very nice to meet all of you who haven't popped down to Shush before.

What have you been up to this week? I have just finished my straight line quilting on my lattice quilt. The patchwork portions have been stippled. This quilt has been such a roller coaster ride, but I love it now—I just want it finished. I'm soooo close though and I have a chocolate and white striped fabric just waiting to be the binding. See, it's all ready to go.

Yippee. Quilting: tick.
Binding: all ready to go. Do you do this? Pop it on your machine's spare spool. It stops binding tangle, I tell you!
While doing this quilt, I discovered a cool, new-to-me way to do straight line quilting around blocks. Instead of having to manhandle my quilt through the sewing machine to sew around the squares, I hit on the genius idea of quilting backwards once I hit the bit where you have to turn the wide part of the quilt through the machine. See:

Yep - I quilted backwards to get there.  Yes I did.  And it worked just fine.
I discovered that going backwards I have to lengthen my stitch length from 3 to 3.3 because my machine stitches a bit shorter in reverse (I quilt on a Bernina 550 QE)—but other than that, it saved me heaps of turning agony. You just need to remember to put it back into forward stitching once you turn the corner again. Or you might have a whoopsie and go back in the wrong place.  I totally didn't do that. Not at all.

Tell me I'm not the only person who does this. I'm not totally alone in my craziness, right? Right?Are you still there?

Anyway, fingers crossed it should be bound by Friday and then I'll have a real, grown-up finish. We'll see ...

Other than that, I have done a little more on my EPP diamond blocks. I love these, which is pretty surprising given how much I hate hand piecing.

Little birds trapped in cages for my fabricky pleasure.
No I'm not unpicking the one I sewed in upside-down!
Here is Princess** photo-bombing my blocks to show me her favourite one. No surprise there—it's the vintage dolls. I think it's my favourite too!

Is this my quilt Mummy? It needs to be bigger. Me: No kidding honey.
Anyway, that's enough gabbling from me. I'm sure you've got something fabulous to show us. Pop on over to Shush if you want to have a look in at my gorgeous little fabricky and chocolatey giveaway. I'd love to see you.

* Why Shush, you ask? Well, because my day job is being a meany-pants banking lawyer and so we keep shush on my lovely nighttime quilty alter ego. My work mates just don't get it, anyway!
** My fashion conscious and stroppy three year old. She thinks I quilt solely for her pleasure. She's not far wrong!

What are you working on this week? Here are the linky rules:
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  1. Ha, hilarious! Love your replay of your husband's reaction, the backwards quilting, and those delectable diamonds! Beautiful!

  2. I am loving the fussy cutting on those EPP blocks, and yes, I straight-line quilted backwards just last week!

  3. Lizzie...........beautiful blog loving your lattice work quilt!! Also love those stars!! Lee thank you so much for the Linky Party. Have a great day Marie

  4. Pretty quilt and I love those stars!

  5. Lovely to see you here Liz! So much loveliness on the go - hard to pick a favourite!

  6. Those EPP diamonds are fantastic, I love your fussy cutting! :D Beautiful work all around, nice to "meet" you! :)

  7. Wow, your EPP is fantastic. Good tip about going backwards, must remember that one. Excellent guest post Liz!

  8. I tried doing backwards quilting on my quilt, but found the stitches got smaller, so I tried to avoid doing it. It didn't occur to me to lengthen the stitches - derrr. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Gorgeous EPP Liz - thanks for guest hosting!

  10. Hi Liz, I love your sense of humour and I can hear you loud and clear over here in Australia! Both your quilts are looking great! I love your black and white birds/farm print in your EPP star - can you tell me which fabric it is and where you bought it? It looks like it would fit in perfectly with my current EPP.

    1. Hi Karen - it's actually an outside American history school scene. I don't know the name sorry because the selvedge is gone. But I got it from Sew me a Song and I am pretty sure it is Timeless Treasures. I hope that helps!

    2. Thank you Liz, I'm off to have a look.....

    3. Found it "Civil War" by Timeless Treasures, still in stock.

  11. I found that sewing backwards as much as forwards helped to stop the small pleats happening, especially if quilting a square, or if using brushed cotton on the back - I also suspect that better basting would have helped! If you free motion quilt you can go any direction!

  12. Liz, what a great idea for binding. I usually wind it on my hand but this I'll have to try next time.
    I love your alter ego!

  13. Lovely birdhouses on your EPP block. I've got an EPP quilt lingering in a drawer somewhere. I'll have to pull it out and finish it up.

  14. Liz I love your lattice quilt and you have done a fabulous job guest blogging :) Loved your post!

  15. I know that look when I mentioned something blog related ot my hubby. We need to get these guys on board! LOL! Anyways, your quilt is quite delightful, preety in color. I have done a little backward stitching so don't feel too crazy. It sounds though it is a whole lot easier on a Bernina than on a Janome. I would have would have tohold a button down to reverse and isn't too easy to sew with one hand while the other is holding the button. Your English paper piecing blocks are so sweet!

  16. I love those little handpieced stars!

  17. I would have never thought of quilting backwards and will have to give it a try! Gorgeous projects!!

  18. I love your diamonds, especially the first one you show! Stunning!

  19. We are always learning, I love your quilt!!!!

  20. Good to see you out and about, Liz! Your backwards quilting is not craziness, but your usual mad genius. Awesome!

  21. great blocks Liz! I can hear you, but then I'm only in Perth!

  22. Oh well hello, fussy cut EPP! I love when things line up, speaks to my organizational sensibilities. Beautimous!


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