Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday: A Quilty Christmas

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
So here's what I was working on while I should have been, I don't know, buying gifts or mailing Christmas cards or something.

Ever since I started quilting, I have intended to make a Christmas quilt for my family. And ever since I started quilting, that has somehow not occurred. But you might remember from last week that I finished a Christmas quilt top! Surely it should have been a short, straight line from there to a finished Christmas quilt. Right?

Nope. Somehow instead of one finished Christmas quilt, I now have two finished Christmas tops.
All I did was go into my local quilt shop, with the goal of buying a fun Christmasy print for a quilt back. Easy enough, right? Except then I spotted the Hip Holiday line by Josephine Kimberling. And I had to have it. A lot of it (or at least more than was warranted for a back).

Long story short, what started as a simple pieced back in some of the Hip Holiday prints somehow turned into a second whole Christmas quilt, of a design inspired by Katie's Star Bright quilt. Because once I finished piecing this "back," it occurred to me that it was totally not a back at all. Oh well.

So then I managed to whip up two quilt backs (actual backs this time), baste them both, and now quilting is in progress. I'm hoping to get at least one done before Christmas, maybe. If I keep ignoring those gifts and cards.

Enough about me. What are you working on this week?
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Book shipping update: Vintage Quilt Revival is finally IN STOCK on Amazon! You can still get a copy in time for Christmas via standard shipping if you hurry. Makes a great gift! : )

Oh, and a little housekeeping: The next WIP Wednesday will be January 8. I think a little Christmas vacay is in order. See you then!


  1. i totally love your quilts, and have to admit, I have never done a christmas quilt, I tell myself each year too, but it never happened, so hopefully next year

  2. Love the reindeer print in that Christmas line - so cute!

    I have grand plans of making a Christmas quilt - hasn't happened yet though ;)

  3. I think I need to add Hip Hip Holiday to my wishlist!!


  4. Your quilts are amazing. Glad you decide to make your backing into a second quilt. Definitely too good for a backing. Love it. Thank you for hosting the linky.

  5. those quilts are very "merry and bright"

  6. I have so much Christmas fabric and so many ideas. I think I am going to start in January so I'll be ready for next Christmas. It's the only way. I've finally come to terms with it! Congrats on sewing and ignoring those gifts and cards!!!

  7. Is that Hip Holiday fabric not the hippest coolest Christmas fabric ever?? I have some of it too, but it didn't get 'made' into anything this year. I'll be Christmasing In July this coming year to get ready on time for next year. (Yeah, I say that every year, LOL).

  8. Such beautiful work you do! I always get so inspired by you!

  9. That is an awesome story! Who needs gifts when you have quilts! I love the second one too!

  10. Love both of your christmas quilts! you are on fire. i finished piecing my christmas quilt top but I think that's where it's going to stay :(

  11. Beautiful quilt tops! Happy Holidays!!


  12. I love that I'm not the only quilter with partially done Christmas quilts for your actual home and family! My gifts get done at least!

  13. Heh, two quilts for the price of one :oD I have a bundle of that Hip Holiday that I'll get to play with if I finish my final pressie on Saturday...

  14. Hahaha I've totally done that before! I love both of them! I'm trying to finish a quilt myself before Christmas, and hoping no one cares if the gifts aren't wrapped...

  15. I see so many neat things to check out just from the linky pictures!
    I'm heading to one of my stitch groups right now but will check with everyone once I get home.

  16. I love the evolution of the back into a top! very cool. and what a bonus to have TWO Christmas quilts now. that's probably better so everyone isn't fighting over the one. =)

    I turned the gift giving over to my husband last year and it's really freed up my quilting time! but I still need to get those cards out . . .

    merry Christmas and see you in January!

  17. How lovely that you finally made your own family a Christmas quilt ... and it's a beauty! Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for the opportunities to link up throughout this year ... looking forward to seeing more of everyone's delicious quilts in 2014 :)

  18. I love all the Christmasness! …Which reminds me that I never actually *quilted* last year's Christmas quilt. Oops! Time to unpin and bust out the 505, I think!

  19. I'm knew something great would come from that stack of fabric you bought! : )

  20. Love the quilts. Christmas vacay is definitely in order - enjoy the holidays.

  21. Just thought I would let you know my book has been confirmed shipped! That's from Amazon.


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