Friday, June 20, 2014

Alternate Layouts and Advanced Piecing with Me

With QuiltCon registration starting on Tuesday, I wanted to give you more details about the classes I'll be teaching in Austin. I am beyond excited about these workshops!

My first class is "Advanced Piecing." In this class, we'll be using the blocks from my book, Vintage Quilt Revival, as piecing bootcamp, and you will leave with mad skills, you guys. We'll be covering foundation piecing, partial seams, and piecing with templates. If you've never tried these techniques (or even if you have, but need a brush-up), this is the class for you! And you'll leave with a great start on a Vintage Quilt Revival sampler.

My second workshop is more creative and design-focused. "Off the Grid: Working With Alternate Layouts" will help you start thinking outside the box in terms of how you use quilt blocks. I'm asking participants to bring pre-made quilt blocks so that we can design and sew creative, unique layouts during class. We'll be talking about negative space, asymmetry, scale, and much more. The goal will be for you to arrive with pre-made blocks and leave with a completed—and very modern—top.

If you're planning to attend QuiltCon, I hope you'll sign up for one or both! Info about all the workshops can be found right here. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Austin!


Rachael Ferrera said...

The Off the Grid class is what I am looking forward to the most for Quilt Con. I need to get a little out of my structured mindset!

Rosa said...

Just stunning.Love all your blocks!!

Katy Cameron said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy :o)

Kristy said...

I'm so excited about the advanced piecing class. I hope I get in :)

annieb said...

Saw your beautiful quilt today at The Chicago Quilt Festival.

myriad234 said...

I envy everyone who gets to take your classes. Someday, I'll find my way to one. :-)

abengel said...

Sure wish I could be there, as I'd love to make that sampler quilt. One of these days, I will. In the meantime, I'd looooove to make that first Jungle Ave quilt of yours. How are you coming on that pattern, hmmmm?

Rebecca Grace said...

Ooh, both of those classes sound fantastic! I love, LOVE how fresh and modern your "vintage" quilt blocks feel, and I am chicken-crap scared of even attempting Y-seams or piecing with templates. I wish I could be in those classes!

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